Supplements vs. Nutrition

Supplements vs. Nutrition

May 01, 2017

Hello fellow dog lovers!

I want to elaborate a little further on the science behind our 100% non-synthetic Hip & Joint medicine and why we are so fortunate to be the first in the U.S. to offer these treatments for our canine besties.  There are more formulations to come, but this first formulation for hip dysplasia, arthritis, and joint pain treats the most common problem for our dogs!

A supplement is intended to nourish when nutrition may not otherwise be consumed in sufficient quantities.  It is a bright idea, but delivering nutrition is not as simple as dropping a lump of vitamins and minerals in our stomachs.  Technically speaking, at the quantum level, our bodies do not interpret that lump as food (naturally-occurring particles filtered through another living organism), and this can even cause unfortunate chemical imbalances in the blood.

The nourishment of our bodies is a process that follows certain laws of bio-quantum dynamics.  So, in order to deliver nutrition, the molecular engineering of the product must follow the natural rules that our bodies follow.  We found the advanced technology to do just that - deliver a wide-spectrum of nutrition from the least toxic places on earth in such a way that the body interprets it harmlessly as food and rejuvenates itself.

Our Hip & Joint formulation was engineered specifically to deliver to dogs the nutritional panel that rejuvenates toxic, tired, or injured bones and joints.  It has been a pleasure to watch their bodies respond with energy and pain-free mobility like clockwork, as per the natural order.

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