Coat & Fur

This formulation treats damaged skin + fur caused by mange, hot spots, acute moist dermatitis, rashes, allergies, etc. This formula is also recommended to safely prevent skin complications, and to maintain your pup’s healthy, shiny coat.

Note for the humans: To fix the vast majority of skin problems, a product must affect the generative layer of skin, not just the outside epidermis or dermis layers.  This means that creams or lotions cannot fix the root cause of most skin problems, and that products must systemically stimulate stem cells and the generative layer of skin through ingestion.

How to use: Spray directly into your pup's mouth or onto their food twice daily.  The number of pumps that you spray depends on your pup’s weight. Each bottle is at least 220 pumps.

What’s in it?
Picture perfect biologics! All products are holistic, non-toxic, non-synthetic, biodegradable, biocompatible and 100% safe. Each bottle is filled with the highest quality plant matter that is molecularly designed by our team of pup-loving scientists. Molecules from the following plants and fruits are included:

alfalfa, wild celery, anise, lemon balm, basil, greater burdock, celery, dill, hyssop, juniper, rock weed, fennel, ginger, cola nitida, marjoram, great mullein, abyssinian myrrh, parsley, dog-rose, rosemary, autumn crocus, sage, elder, tea plant, garden thyme, turmeric, verbena, white willow, black cherry, yarrow, garlic, artichoke, motherwort, hop, red raspberry, hawthorn, elecampane, fennel bulbs, juniper

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